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     Winter Sunshine
On a gloriously sunny afternoon in very late Autumn, well I suppose that the 3rd of November is almost the onset of Winter, it was impossible to resist the temptation to lunch outside in the garden with a bottle of Jean-Louis Huguenot’s Marsannay Rose 2006.

Rose has never been a particular favourite of mine being, as the French so mysteriously describe things of dubious parentage, “neither fig nor raisin”. Do not look to me for either explanation or enlightenment here, as I am unable to provide either, beyond saying that this translates into “neither one thing nor the other” which, I suppose, makes sense in a somewhat Byzantine way.

Monsieur Huguenot’s Rose however, is most certainly a fig or a raisin, according to your personal taste. This is a wine of surprising structure and flavour. It is quite light, as one would expect, yet still manages to achieve considerable depth with a complete absence of the slightly “tinny” aftertaste that is a feature of so many roses.

Only the need to do something useful later in the afternoon prevented me from sitting there, in the sun, until it went down. When evening fell I asked myself a very serious question. Had “something useful” been of greater value to me and mankind than another couple of hours in wintry sunshine with the remains of a bottle of M Huguenot’s splendid rose? After due reflection and many action replays by the third umpire, the verdict was a resounding NO! Ah, well, one lives and learns.

Seriously though, the 2006 is a heavyweight pink wine. Generally I do not much like roses and this one is the exception.

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