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Hôtel Restaurant Lameloise
  Hôtel Restaurant Lameloise
A comfortable hotel and truly exceptional restaurant in the centre of Chagny, which has been owned by the Lameloise family for nearly 100 years, after the grandfather of the current owner M Jacques Lameloise bought it in the early 1920’s. For the last 25 years or so the restaurant has occupied a place at the very top of the Burgundinian eating hierarchy, driven by Jacques Lameloise’s constant quest for improvements.

As Michel Ampeau was our introduction to the finest wines of Burgundy, so was Jacques Lameloise our introduction to Burgundinian haute cuisine. If I were only permitted to use one word to describe this superb family restaurant and hotel, the word would be legendary.

Our first stay here was over 20 years ago, shortly after Jacques had taken over from his father. The family were all in evidence, as they still are today and as we drove away, we left asking ourselves whether it would be possible to enjoy a place so much on a second visit. Surely some of the surprise would be lost, our expectations invisibly heightened? Having been back many times now over the intervening years, the answer is absolutely yes, it continues to be as superb as ever, on every visit. 

The rooms are very comfortable and elegantly furnished and the restaurant is an experience in itself, where members of the international wine trade find themselves mixed in with entire families of local people, children included, coming out for a family dinner. 

They are closed over Christmas and January, which is a bit sad if you had hoped to stop off on your way to or from skiing. Please book well in advance for both dinner and rooms. Chagny is not too far from the Macon Nord autoroute exit, but coming off at Beaune and travelling along the Route National 74 is more enjoyable if you are not in too much of a hurry and have an extra 20 minutes to spare.

Hôtel Restaurant Lameloise 
36 place d’Armes
71150 Chagny

Tel: 00333 85 87 65 65

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Jacques Lameloise has been in charge of the house since the 1970's, just as his father had done in the 50's and 60's, and his grandfather before that in the 1920's.
Cuisine synonymous with the tradition of Burgundy.
A beautiful house, filled with the scent of polished wood.