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Our website is laid out to give you easy access to the Domaines and to the individual wines, allowing you to seek out wines either by grower or by type. For those of you with the time for a leisurely trawl through the villages, the vignerons and some of the fabric that makes Burgundy so special, we have added items and information which we hope you will find interesting. For those who are in a hurry, or know what they want, then wines by type gives you a quick route into the wine list.
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Most growers produce several wines. In this section you will find their wines listed by Domaine:

Bernard Tatraux-Juillet - Givry
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everyone has the advantage of a Cote d’Or vineyard. This Domaine

produces fresh, enjoyable whites and reds that needs to be given three to four years of bottle age.

Chevillon-Chezeaux - Nuits St Georges
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Huguenot Pere et Fils - Marsannay
A regular prizewinner for both reds and whites. These wines may be enjoyed young, especially the whites, while the reds of Marsannay and Gevrey Chambertin will age well for years.

Michel Ampeau Tag Heuer Replica Watches - Meursault
Widely regarded as one of the finest growers in Burgundy his wines have great finesse and extraordinary longevity

Olivier Leflaive - Puligny Montrachet
This Domaine is a legend in its own lifetime for its white wines. It gives us great pleasure to be able to introduce their equally impressive range of reds .

Rene Lamy-Pillot - Chassagne Montrachet
The whites here are lovely and have a good "rapport qualite/prix" . The reds are built to last and will be better appreciated with a few years of bottle age .

Philippe Senard - Aloxe Corton
All of these wines , from the village Appellations upwards, evolve considerably in the glass. A very good "rapport qualite/prix" at the village level .
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Michel Prunier et Fille - Auxey Duresses
A selection of lovely rich wines ,, that are easily approachable in their youth yet, at the top level, have the staying power to improve for years

Dennis Blondeau-Danne - St Aubin
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Domaine Lejeune - Pommard reeftigershop.com
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Henri Rebourseau - Gevrey Chambertin
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The wines here are made to last. They are well worth cellaring for 10 years although the Domaine also has some stocks of older vintages that are drinking well.


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